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Our history

How our story began

The story of Wakame began to be written in 2016 although with a different name and at that time in a smaller location.

In 2020, two very important events happened: a global pandemic broke out and we were reborn as Wakame, taking over 100% of the restaurant we ran. A small establishment and a terrace space at number 12 of the pedestrian Miquel Caieta Soler, the street parallel to Vara de Rey, in the center of Ibiza and steps from Dalt Vila.

There we began to develop our own concept: a Japanese restaurant specializing in high-quality sushi with signature cocktails and, above all, a lot of care and detail in customer service.

Thus, while our chef Jian Lin formed and led the kitchen team, in the Litterio room he did the same in the relationship with customers while also being in charge of leading the front-of-house team.

maki dish

We took a big step and moved right in front

A much larger space. We like challenges but above all we like to always offer our clients the best.

On this path of growth, we stopped being an exclusively Japanese restaurant and began to incorporate other Asian and world dishes into our already traditional sushi menu. In our current menu you can also find ceviche, ramen, Thai rice or baos bread and other very popular steamed dishes of Asian cuisine.

customers enjoying Wakame Ibiza
chopsticks picking a piece of sushi

Today we are very proud

of our restaurant, -considered one of the most important on the island- with a cozy decoration that maintains our essence but with a large air-conditioned interior space designed to host groups, events, business dinners and Also a more intimate and private space on the first floor, ideal for romantic dinners or meetings. In addition, two large terraces - which can be covered - depending on the weather, overlook two pedestrian streets at number 9 Miquel Caieta Soler and the other at the foot of the Renaissance walls of Dalt Vla on Jaume I street, number 5.

customers enjoying wakame ibiza
interior of wakame Ibiza
sushi board
The team

About our Chef:

Amedi, as his friends affectionately call him, trained as a sushiman in China, his country of origin, and from a very early age he has worked in the kitchens of important restaurants in Europe, especially in Paris and Lyon (France) and Girona (Spain), specialising in Asian cuisine. In 2009 he arrived in Ibiza and worked in B-FOR; a Japanese restaurant specialising in Sushi.

He then alternated winter seasons in Paris and Lyon with summers in Ibiza until finally settling in Ibiza and being the chef in charge of WasaB and then becoming chef and partner of Wakame in 2020.

Wakame Ibiza team
Amedi, chef of Wakame Ibiza

Litterio Cifalino’

For his part, "Litte for his friends" is a restless and creative mind. He started working at a very young age in a village hotel in his native Italy, while combining it with his hotel management studies. During the summer breaks, he continued his training in various luxury hotels. This restlessness to work and discover would lead him from the age of 19 to travel around the main cities of the world. He began his career in London in prestigious hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton and even worked in the Royal Residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her jubilee in 2001.

Australia, Mexico, Brazil and the United States were some of the countries in which he continued to broaden his knowledge and acquire a wide vision, as well as forming his own way of working.

Finally in 2006 he arrived in Spain, specifically in the 5* Gran Marina Hotel in Barcelona as a bartender and then to Tarifa in the exclusive posada La Sacristía.

Ibiza would be the perfect place for him to put into practice all the knowledge he had acquired, the 5 languages he had been learning. The most cosmopolitan island turned out to be for him the ideal place to settle down.

In 2017 he met Amedi, together they shared the vision of professionalism and passion for hospitality and in 2020 they decided to join forces to create Wakame.

Other talents complement our kitchen and dining room team throughout the year. Without them nothing would be possible

Wakame Ibiza team
Litterio Cifalino serving drinks
team of Wakame Ibiza
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